A Team That Makes A Difference

  • Lisa Bowling
    Founder (1964 - 2017)
  • Mark Bowling
  • Heather Hutson
    Creative Production
  • Michelle Penny
    Event Management
  • Sam Renkin

Lisa Bowling
Founder (1964 - 2017)

Lisa Bowling

Lisa was working with a large production company as an Executive Producer and felt somewhat limited by the specific job duties. Really wanting to utilize more of her skill set, she made a decision to start BlackSheep Productions. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, event design, production and management, she had the ability to conduct or enhance any event.

With a background in Industrial Design, Lisa thought in colors and styles. She was a visionary with a mind for innovation and her creative thinking was accented perfectly by her organization skills. This marriage of right and left-brain helped her take an event from concept to execution.

People experienced her upbeat, positive energy immediately in both her personal and professional life. On weekends you would find Lisa with her two sons and husband, either polishing her photography skills or cruising, top down in her 1986 Alfa Romeo. While she started BlackSheep as a one-woman show, her best career choice was bringing on her husband, Mark, to be her better half in business as well!  Her legacy will live on through the work of the BlackSheep team and her family who loves her dearly.

When Mark went out on a show with Lisa as her Production Assistant, he had no idea how cool her job really was! He was smitten, not only with Lisa, but with the production industry. Driven by a desire to change the world, he began thinking of how he could do so through event production. Thus began a multi-year journey that would eventually shape the purpose and mission of BlackSheep Productions (which can be found in the Preeminent Journey section in our Blog).

A consummate gentleman, always smiling, Mark cares deeply for BlackSheep’s client partners and team members. Humbled by the opportunity to be the steward our client’s trust and inspired by the preeminent culture of companies such as Zappo’s, Chik-fil-A and Primrose Schools, he is always on the look out for innovative ways to provide value for both our clients and our team. His work ethic is impeccable, but his most important role is husband and father… and Auburn Fan.

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Heather Hutson
Creative Production

Heather Hutson

“What? Quit show business? Never.” Heather has been onstage since she was 8 years old and graduated from Acting School with a BFA. She got into the industry through a theatre director who opened her eyes to the world of corporate theatre. She discovered that the creative process is very similar, and has happily been building her career since 1998. Her experience over the years as a Producer, Stage Manager and Creative Director affords her the ability to anticipate almost any client request.

Not only can you spot her wild mane of red hair anywhere in the ballroom, her passion for the clients' brand and messaging, drive her to create experiential events that shape attendees perceptions. Her attention to detail, love of theatre and heart of service makes Heather a skilled and caring producer.

When not working, Heather is hanging with her son, Jude, cooking, playing her guitar, reading or binge watching Netflix.

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We call Michelle “Eagle Eye” because she finds joy in the details of each production. In her first career, Michelle was a practicing marriage and family therapist (which probably accounts for her ability to calmly and confidently lead onsite teams.) Fifteen years ago, she moved into the world of hospitality, hotels and resorts and discovered a passion for meeting planning and logistics. She is the go-to person for site selection and contract negotiation, travel and rooming, food and beverage, registration and VIP support.

Well versed in Bible stories, fairy tales, playing pretend and practicing the ABC’s, Michelle loves raising her two young children. She and her husband enjoy breaking bread with friends, investing in their community, and occasionally sneaking in a date night.

Sam graduated from the University of Georgia (Go DAWGS!) with a journalism BA (radio/tv/film production) and spent six years as a full-time videographer working on commercials and corporate videos, which introduced him to corporate events. Sam has been working with Lisa since the turn of the century. In the last five years, he has been instrumental in helping Mark shape the vision and purpose of the company. Passionate about messaging, Sam translates client objectives and goals into compelling stories that generate results. And he’s been doing just that for over 20 years, but his first love is video production. That means he has secret super powers that involve writing, directing, shooting and editing.

He loves to travel with his beautiful Persian wife and two teenaged kids. He plays bass in a 90’s cover band, coaches soccer on natural turf, and plans to be the next Tour de France winner without performance enhancing drugs.